Here's a general overview on what's involved with each of our services. If you'd like to learn more or have any specific enquiries then please get in touch.


If you don't want any of your documents opened or scanned but simply want to receive the mail at a forwarded mailbox of your choice then Mail Forwarding is just what you need.

Great for new businesses doing business from a remote location, or for those travelling constantly and need a static mailbox.

Generally, we would place the original envelope inside another envelope and send it to your desired address. By doing this, you ensure perfect privacy whilst also maintaining anonymity from your senders.


If you're constantly on the go and are a regular e-mail user, our mail scanning option is perfect for you.

As postal mail arrives, it will be opened and scanned in as a PDF format and available directly in your inbox and on the esnail platform.

In addition to your e-mail notification, you may also opt-in to SMS notifications, which means you'll never miss another letter again.


Sometimes businesses and legal practices insist on having postal mail sent in, or some people don't have access to or cannot use e-mail.

The Mail Sending service allows you to upload your letter in PDF format and specify a destination address. We'll print off your material, place it inside of an envelope and send it via the Australia Post network.

You can also choose the priority of your letter, whether it be a regular priority or an express. All costs are upfront and instant.

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